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Instagram- What is it good for?

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Well if you ask me it’s probably the most useful and easy to use ‘sharing’ platform out there.

Every person in the blogging world has their favourites however as a traveller I totally rate Instagram.

Photos are my thing. I love to take them and I love to look at them- hence why I really like it.

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If I can be completely honest here I’m really not enjoying social media at all lately. I’ve always been a big user, that’s no secret. However lately I’ve just not loved it much at all. I find myself looking at it a lot less these days because I’m just not interested. I much prefer to read my book or do something totally different. I see this as a good thing. Cutting back on social media is definitely a positive thing. For me especially.

Facebook doesn’t give you as much love anymore. Since the inception of their fancy algorythms it’s just changed everything. You can put so much effort into a post only to have 2 people like it, 50 people look at it and that’s it. Pinterest is cool and lots of people rate this as their favourite social media platform. I feel like it takes a lot of effort to ‘pin’ and ‘post’ and stuff. Twitter for me is automated. I don’t post anything on it personally, posts are automated from here and Instagram. Snapchat sucks. Sorry. But it does.

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As someone very dear to me once said ‘you need to just live in the moment’. He is right. Live in the right now… and lately I’ve really not been too worried about what’s kicking around on my apps! It’s been nice and of course a completely necessary change in the way I go about life.

I post on Instagram in my down time. When I’m on the bus or just waiting for something in general. I don’t ‘set aside’ time each day to post. I just do it when I’m not doing something more important. This whole ‘living in the moment’ thing has become quite essential of late.

I’ve realised that the experience outweighs everything. I always knew this, I just wasn’t practicing it so well (even though I thought I was. Even though Michael definitely was).

Travel for travels sake. Enjoy what is around you. Enjoy and adore the company you have on those travels. I’ll always take photos- It’s my thing. But the act of sharing them- it’s not the most important part. Disconnecting and getting ‘lost’ in the world has never seemed so appealing and important. Best of all, you’ll come home with stories to tell.


So anyway- here we are. Back to Instagram. I’ve clearly had this new breakthrough with regards to the way travel should be, what is most important and how I want to go about it. That doesn’t take away from my love of photos. I do love being able to see photos from other travellers.

So because networking and meeting new people is all part of travelling, I’ve decided to showcase the instagram profiles of a bunch of travel blogging couples from all around the globe.

Make sure you check them out and follow them for heaps of travel goodness!

Two Monkeys Travel
Follow them on Instagram- @kach2monkeys

We’re Jon and Kach from Two Monkeys Travel, we’ve been travelling together for over two years through more than 30 countries and 6 continents. We believe in a sustainable life of travel, meaning finding lasting methods of earning a living, which can be used anywhere in the world. We like to travel slow, finding places to live for few months, making friends, involving ourselves with the life and the culture.

We’ve taught English in Hanoi and Yoga in Cusco, waited tables in India, been massage therapists in Arequipa, worked hostels in Costa Rica and now we’re freelance writers and travel bloggers in Bogotá! Throughout our journey, we have been budget backpackers, volunteers, expats, and now we’re moving closer towards a more luxurious life of travel…perhaps it’s age, but we’re getting accustomed to the finer things!

Right now we seem to have this weird travel paradox going on, where we’ll choose the least luxurious mode of transport, like hitch hiking the Carretera Austral or walking 30kms along the train tracks to Machu Picchu, then check into a luxury hotel or spa lodge when we arrive, because we convince ourselves that we’ve earned it!

Luckily for us and everyone else, Two Monkeys Travel isn’t just about us any more, we decided to open ourselves up to travellers, writers and thinkers who want to share their knowledge, thoughts and experiences. There are now ten Two Monkeys Travel writers spread over the world. We’re proud to say that we’re not just a travel blog any more, we’re a travel blog community.

2 Monkeys Insta


Travel in the Mix
Follow them on Instagram- @travelinthemix

Hailing from London, David and Katherine, aka Travel in the Mix, are 30 something professionals who have taken an open-ended career break to travel around the world. It might sound risky to some but the couple couldn’t be happier that the world is now their oyster, literally. They set off on their adventure last month (August 15) and are currently taking in the sights, sounds and smells of India. If only Instagram had a smell button – actually that’s a really bad idea! Face with stuck-out tongue and winking eye

The duo’s Instagram feed is down to earth, funny with some big money shots thrown in for good measure. But what they really want to reveal is what it is like to travel as a mixed race couple in county where black and white faces are a novelty, on their own, but together almost unheard of!

Believe them when they say this… there has been more than one occasion where they have visited a tourist attraction only to become the main attraction. Which they found amusing, endearing and incredibly frustrating all at the same time!

So check out their feed for more of the madness, because there is never a dull moment in India!

Travel in the mix- insta


Two Scots Abroad
Follow them on Instagram- @twoscotsabroad

Hi! We’re Gemma & Craig and we are Two Scots Abroad. We’ve downed tools as teacher and tradesman, sold all our shizzle and hit the road to travel The Americas (and Europe.) You’ve caught us in month six and we’re writing this on the bus to the Canadian Rockies! In March we flew from Edinburgh to New Orleans and lost two days of lives to that hot mess of a city.

Next up was SXSW music festival in Austin, we had so much fun we are tapping Texas again in March. We said goodbye to the States and hit South America; trekking to Machu Pichu, cycling the World’s Most Dangerous Road in Bolivia and dispelled the myth that Colombia is full of drugs and gang lords! Before a summer on the Sunshine Coast B.C, swimming in lakes and crashing wakes, we spent three weeks in Cuba, drinking ron and diving in The Bay of Pigs.

I know couple travel makes some of you want to play Taylor Swift on repeat whilst rocking back and forth but we’re an ‘easy couple to be around’ according to our travelling pals in Cuba. So join us for the next twelve months as we ski in B.C, surf in Nicaragua and party in Ibiza!

Instagram- two scots abroad


Breathe With Us
Follow them on Instagram- @bwucom

Hello everyone! We’re Hugo and Cristina, the travel duo behind the travel blog Breathe With Us.

Portugal is our home country and where we’ve lived most of our lives, but in 2014 our professional lives led us to London, United Kingdom. Shortly afterwards, we decided to start sharing some of our travel adventures and Breathe With Us was born.

Although we’re not full-time travellers, travelling is a big part of what we are and what we do. We love to discover new places and experience new things. Being able to carry a full-time job and still travel a considerable amount of time is something we try to inspire others to do. There’s so much to explore!

We tailored our travel style over the years. Nowadays, we focus mostly on nature, outdoors and adventure travel, whilst looking for unique heritage and cultural experiences. You might also find us doing some occasional city-trips. We have now been to around 30 countries and count Iceland and New Zealand as two of our favourite destinations.

Our Instagram account showcases the very best photography from our trips, with a strong focus on nature and outdoors. If you’re looking for some travel inspiration, we believe you’ll find plenty by browsing our photos.

Follow along to discover all our latest adventures!

Instagram- BWU


The Happy Chappies
Follow the on Instagram- @happy_chappies

When opportunity knocks, you’ve got to answer, right? That’s exactly what my husband and I did.

David and I are newlyweds who, just a few months after our wedding, found ourselves unemployed after the newspaper industry in Australia underwent a massive transformation. With the line of work we were doing going nowhere, we started to think outside the square. With online being where it’s at these days, I hit upon the idea to combine two of our greatest loves: writing and travel. Genius, huh? Ok, so it’s been done before, but I’m yet to come across a travel blogger who regrets making the leap.

We brainstormed a niche, but it didn’t take us long to come up with one. We love visiting historical places and exploring the stories behind them. That’s why we’re focusing on history, myths and legends.

On a quirky note, we have a little companion, or mascot, who is travelling with us. Thornwood is a cluricaun who pops up a bit on our Instagram page, as well as in a series of minute mysteries we’re featuring on our website. Just don’t call him a leprechaun! David also enjoys cartooning and he often illustrates blog posts or even just sketches our adventures.

I’ve always blogged about my travels, but only for family and friends. This is completely different. And a lot of hard work. It’s certainly not all cocktails by the pool of some swanky resort (but I’m open to the suggestion!), as some of my friends thought. More often than not it’s being back in the room early so we can work on a post, or adjust something on the website, or keep our social media accounts up to date, before collapsing in an exhausted heap. But it is oh so worth it.

Instagram- The Happy Chappies


Indie Travel
Follow them on Instagram- @indietravel

We are Craig and Linda Martin, the Kiwi couple behind the Indie Travel Podcast. We started travelling around the world in February 2006, intending to be away from New Zealand for just a couple of years… but we got hooked on travel and haven’t been able to stop.

In late 2006 we started the podcast to share tips and stories about independent travel. We kept making stupid mistakes during our trips (like not validating our tickets on Italian trains, or carrying far too much stuff) and we wanted to share them through the podcast so other travellers wouldn’t make the same mistakes we had.

We love really getting into our destinations, and we often stay in one place for several months. Most recently, we spent ten months in Alcalá de Henares, Spain, while Linda completed her master’s; we also love housesitting for the chance to immerse ourselves in a local neighbourhood. We’re currently in Oundle, UK, a small town of 5000 people; it’s surprised us with its beauty and busy cultural calendar.

Although we love trying local food and wine, we tend to use Instagram to showcase the natural beauty and monuments of our destinations. You can find us @indietravel on Instagram and most other social networks.

Instagram- Indie Travel


Wild Imagining
Follow them on Instagram- @wildimagining

Ben and Jenna Thomas are a pair of newlyweds from the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. After their wedding last year, they quit their jobs, sold nearly everything they owned, flew to New Zealand and moved into the back of a minivan. In ten weeks, they covered 10,000 kilometers and fell in love with full-time travel.

Ben loves mountains, Jenna loves cities; Ben is a photographer and Jenna is a writer. It’s a match made in heaven for their blog and Instagram feed, where you’ll find Ben’s stunning photos—landscapes and cityscapes from around the world—paired with Jenna’s stories. Since leaving New Zealand, they’ve explored Southeast Asia, Morocco, Turkey, Eastern Europe, a dash of Scandinavia and the United Kingdom.

In a couple months, they are heading back to the United States, but their adventure’s not over. All their exploring this year has made them realize just how much they have left to see in their home country. They’re already planning long road trips, weekend getaways, and city breaks all over the USA and trying to figure out how they can incorporate travel into their lifestyle in the long term.

instagram+wild imagining


Turtles Travel
Follow them on Instagram- @turtlestravel

Tamara and Donny travel like turtles, slowly and deliberately, preferring to dig in, spend time, and really get to know a place. Travel like this allows them to begin to feel the ebb and flow of a destination. Responsible and sustainable travel are a high priority for these perpetual travelers.

With no cure for an insatiable wanderlust, the duo shares stories on their blog, The site is a place discover new places, people, culture and food…most definitely food. Ever hungry, they’ve devoted an entire interview series to the intersection of food and culture. Shopping at the local market and learning to cook with found ingredients or eating street food always helps them feel they’ve really arrived.

Jobs in the field of mobile/experiential/event marketing allow them to be fully nomadic. These working-adventures usually include driving back and forth across the US, but more recently have involved the major capitals of Europe. From festivals and concerts to sporting events and entertainment meet-ups, they’re likely to have the inside track on what’s going on no matter where they happen to be.

With a theme that reads “Break out of your shell . . . and explore the world!” the pair hopes to inspire others to challenge themselves to get out and find travel experiences that encourage personal growth. Whether an armchair traveler, a weekend warrior, a two-week vacation per year type, or a long-term nomad, everyone can discover their own travel style.

instagram- turtles travel


Some other really great Instagramming couples I reckon you should check out…










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