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In 2014 we left our jobs in the Australian Army to pursue our dreams. A life of indefinite travel. We sold almost everything we own and started making plans. We packed up our life as we know it in Australia and bought a one way ticket. We went straight to Iceland where we quickly discovered that we’d absolutely made the right decision.

As time has gone by we’ve realised that we actually don’t want to see it all. We don’t need to see every country in the world to fulfil our dreams. We go where we want to go and we stay as long as we need to. Sometimes that’s one night and in other cases (like Africa) it’s eight months! We have learnt that we don’t need to try and be like everyone else. We don’t need to ‘see the sights’ to feel that travel fulfilment. We don’t feel rewarded by places that are packed with tourists.

So where we originally started out with the attitude of ‘travel forever and see it all’ we are now all about seeing the places that we REALLY want to see.

We’ll travel ‘forever’. We’ll just travel differently to the way we first expected that we would!

20 facts about Carly

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Our time on the road has left us with lots of stories to tell…

We know a lot about travel in Africa.
We know things about animals and animal behavior.
We know a heap about travelling as a couple.
We know about food.
We can tell you about cultures you’ll never experience.
We can show you how to carry a baby in a piece of fabric.
We can tell you the easiest and best food to cook when supplies are limited.
We know all about driving in Iceland.
We know about some science things.
Want to know about hidden people?
We know how occupy yourself for an entire day in a brauhaus.
We know how not to pack a bag.
We can tell you about trolls.
We know the importance of communication, being nice to eachother and supporting eachother.
Michael can do some excellent animal calls.
Did you know that Iceland is a country of over 300,000 people but they only have 300 people in prison. Crime is low.
Want to know about antelope mating behavior?
I can demonstrate how easy it is to live without a brush.

Do we have more stories to tell? Hell yeah we do. Have a read of our blog- that’s where all the magic happens.

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Michael and Carly

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